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Con-X interview: Biel Frontera, Bit Foundation Manager at ParcBit

Can you tell us a little bit about ParcBit?

The Parc Bit is a science and technology park located in the outskirts of the city of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Many innovation research centers of enterprises related to tourism are placed here, such as TravelgateX, Globalred, Habitissimo and Logitravel among many others. It was opened in 2002 and currently, around 2,500 employees work there.

What do the travel companies in the ParcBit provide?

The ICT-Tourism sector in the ParcBit includes about 40 companies, which represent 91.5% of the total turnover and employ about 2,300 people, representing 68.4% of the total number of ParcBit employees.

As you can see, this is a very important sector for ParcBit, both in number of companies and in business volume. In addition, the Park has leading companies worldwide that, on the one hand, help to place us on the Travel Tech map around the world and, on the other hand, make Mallorca and ParcBit a dynamic and exciting place for other companies and professionals of the industry.

How do you work to promote technology in travel in Mallorca?

We support technology in travel giving recognition to the Balearic sector and promoting its external projection in campaigns such as “Sun and data”, which aims to attract professionals from all over the world to the Balearic Islands. In this way, we generate highly qualified jobs, retain experts from our islands and attract new talent from outside.

We offer facilities and infrastructures to professionals for holding their events and meetings, positioning ourselves as a meeting point for the technology sector in Mallorca, such as the International Tourism Seminar (INTO) that we have organized for 13 years. A seminar dedicated to analyzing the technologies that are marking the tourism trends globally.

But we also support the clusters related to technology and tourism (Balears.t and Turistec), as well as business accelerator initiatives such as Connector Travel Tech.

Con-x has convened 30 attendees from 45 countries. What does this mean for our community?

We are thrilled that this initiative is being carried out as it will bring together travel Tech companies from around the world and promote at the same time to Mallorca. Con-X not only benefits the companies already installed here by giving them an opportunity for them to have new international partners, it also allows international companies to get to know the island, its potential and who knows … maybe they’ll even open their offices here.

How do you see the growth of the travel industry and the technology that Mallorca will export in the coming years?

We believe that this growth is very positive and is turning the knowledge economy into an added value. Also, the pre-registered positioning that Mallorca has in the Travel Tech sector must be maintained and strengthened in the coming years.

Why have you decided to support this initiative through this sponsorship?

By supporting this type of event, we can position ParcBit as the technological reference point for the most innovative companies — we want it to be the place where these companies can meet, install and grow. To end with, we would like to invite all attendees to visit the “Sun and Data” space in the ParcBit during their stay.

We hope you enjoy Con-X!