Jorge Mira Ucles from Doblemente: “TravelgateX stands out for its connections and speed”

Dispongo, by Doblemente, is the most complete and integrated reservation centre for receptive, tours, transfers and ski resorts. The specialization of Dispongo is the management of hotel packages, activity and dynamic packaging, including sale at ticket offices, mobile device, web or APP.

Dispongo is integrated with TravelgateX 100% on the legacy API to use marketplace integrations. It also allows to combine them with the direct contracting to establishments and local services. This company has an average response time of 0.320 seconds in own recruitment of the receptive and together with TravelgateX allows offering the entire offer to its customers.

What does this agreement with TravelgateX mean to you?

For Doblemente it is a strategic alliance. Belonging to the main tourist hub is essential at this time in which you are connected or simply do not exist.

What is your service? How will you help your clients?

Basically, we help companies in the tourism sector to sell online by offering them all the necessary tools, from the booking engine to the invoicing system. Our goal is aligned with that of our customers: sell more and better. For this, we help them connect with their suppliers and customers, do it as quickly as possible

How do you plan to grow in the coming years? What are your objectives?

The next two years will be key in the future of Doblemente. We are in full development of what will be our new multi-language and multi-currency software, 100% cloud, connected with all major tour operators, as was our 2020 goal. Consolidating the SaaS option making it faster and more accessible will be vital in our growth. Is Spain and Latin America in we already have more than 200 projects in progress between more than 10 countries.

How do you see or believe that tourism integrations will evolve in the future? What is your opinion?

We are currently seeing that, as I said before, either you are connected or you simply are not. We all pursue the goals of Global, Automatic and Fast and for this, it is essential to be connected. In the future, it will be even more necessary new and big players may enter the game of tourist distribution and if you are not connected with them it will be very difficult to reach the final customer.

What aspects of TravelgateX do you find most valuable?

Undoubtedly the number of connectivities and their speed. TravelgateX has proven to be able to respond more agile than its competition and this makes it a leader in its area.

How has Doblemente benefited from a closer partnership with TravelgateX?

The benefit is being mutual, on the one hand, the users of Dispongo who see how their product reaches more customers through the sales channel that TravelgateX entails. On the other hand, we offer better service to our user’s thanks to the technology of TravelgateX and finally the same TravelgateX that obtains more product portfolio from the users of Dispongo that distributes.

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