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Andràs Simonfi from Imperatours: “TravelgateX is not just about technology, it’s also about trust”

ImperaTours is a local online travel expert specialized in promoting the finest Italian hospitality. Its main objective is to organize the perfect trip for any type of holiday in Italy while keeping a keen eye on every detail. This brand is part of Imperatore Travel World, a company with 26 years of experience, as a wholesaler and receptive providing the highest level of service and product to the travel industry.

Andras Simonfi, co-founder of Imperatours and Project Manager of Imperatore Travel, answers our questions in order to explain his experience as a TravelgateX partner.

  • How has ImperaTours benefitted from a closer partnership with TravelgateX?

TravelgateX is not just about technology, it’s also about trust. ImperaTours was founded in 2015 so we could say that it is a new brand in a well-established company that was known only in Italy. With the help of TravelgateX we are building trust with our partners since we are now Premium Partners of the most important XML connector in the touristic sector. Being able to offer the connectivity free to our clients is also a plus!

  • How did you hear about TravelgateX? Why did you decide to use our platform?

I heard about it from one of our existing clients, as they requested the connectivity to be made through TravelgateX. As we started to connect more and more clients, I realised that it would be beneficial to run them all through the same platform. This helps us having a centralised API connector and makes mapping and connectivity with new clients much easier.

  • Do you work with similar platforms?

We also work with some other companies for XML integrations, but we intend to direct all of our future clients to TravelgateX as we mutually benefit from this connection.

  • What is in your perspective regarding the USP of our Platform?

Your response times and IT Support is way better than the ones in any other company that we have worked with. I think that is crucial to our business in order to have a strong and reliable API, but also in order to offer the support we need in a really short period of time.

  • Which departments in your company are in contact with the platform?

Almost all of them. IT is making sure that our connection is always stable and as fast as possible. Content is responsible for updating our mapping files. Sales is pushing special offers and strategic promotions to our existing clients. Operations is cross-checking bookings and they are helping our clients to convert as much as possible.

  • What aspects of TravelgateX do you find most valuable? What could we do better?

The support team is definitely ahead of its game and I think everyone who is connected to the platform can say the same thing. In my opinion, Marketing could try and push for more, as I still feel that TravelgateX is a hidden jewel in the technology sector, but in the last months, I saw positive improvements so I am confident that changes are being made.

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