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FridayX: 7 Slack tricks you should learn if you’re using the platform for the first time

Aug 9, 2019 1:55:23 PM

Do you remember the first time you used Slack? It’s always a shock at first, especially if you’re new to a company where there’s a bunch of groups and conversations already created. It can be overwhelming at first but trust us — you’ll end up loving it. By the way, join us on our TravelgateX Slack if you want. We have one of the biggest developers and tech experts in our community.

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Meet some of our 2019 Summer Premium Partners

Aug 8, 2019 2:53:46 PM

At TravelgateX, we believe that together we can be more successful in business. That’s why we’ve created this community of premium partners. Whether you’re looking for help to grow your business or the perfect long-term partnership, TravelgateX marketplace has the resources and the expertise you need to achieve more with the right tools.

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FridayX: 5 Funny Things Developers Can Do That Nobody Else Can

Aug 2, 2019 10:31:25 AM

Whenever you talk about the IT department to someone from a tech company, the first thing that they’ll do is brag about their team, especially about their developers. The thing is, the world seems to treat developers like superheroes and let’s be honest here — most of the time they are. But let’s just say that they also can do funny things that nobody else can. That’s why today we’re highlighting five of them. Ready?

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