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Speed-X: reduce traffic & improve response time in your connections

11/18/20 10:12 AM

It's nothing new that anyone in the travel industry has a constant battle to reduce unnecessary traffic and improve response times. The same requests with exact search conditions should not generate increased traffic, even when performed at different times. The response time of a search make all the difference when it comes to guaranteeing that booking. Protecting your system from massive search volumes gets more difficult in this metasearch engine world. You've been there, right? To solve these problems and support our connected partners, TravelgateX offers its cache solution, Speed-X. 

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Categories: Big Data

InsightsX: Learn how to improve your performance across portfolios

8/7/19 6:08 PM

In today’s travel industry, having access to information on connectivity performance is becoming more and more important. Accurate data about integrations and distributions allows both clients and suppliers to monitor and optimize their performance in many different aspects: availability, connectivities, inventory, pricing, etc.

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