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Billing and the ongoing credit crisis in travel mid and post Covid-19

Jul 1, 2021 7:37:31 AM

You’ve heard the answer to the following question countless times, likely more than your fair share at that: “Where were you when the Government declared a state of alarm and enforced the first national lockdown?” Much like our names, job titles and compelling 30 second cocktail-party propositions, many of us - through sheer necessity at times - have scripted those very uncertain days of our lives into the all too classic “elevator pitch”.

With particular respect to the travel industry, and second to the above question, you’re probably still getting the “How has it been for you guys, that side?” question. The business equivalent of “what’s your star sign?” - the answer to this question could bear significance (“are these guys about to sink?”) Or could mean absolutely nothing - if the answer is we are growing and doing well.

Further down the rabbit hole of mid and post Covid-19 questions, if you’re still waiting for your share presentation on Zoom to load - you just may get the “and your clients? How are payments looking?” This painful question forms the basis of our discussion here - billing (‘remittances’, depending on where you find yourself reading this today).

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