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Interview: Mustafa Korkmaz, Global Director-API Business at

9/9/22 8:57 AM

After holding senior positions in different bedbanks for more than 10 years, Mustafa has been in charge of the global API business at TBO for the past two years.
TBO is a global platform that aims to simplify all travel buying and selling needs of travel partners worldwide. The proprietary technology platform and travel APIs aim to simplify the demands of the complex world of global travel by seamlessly connecting highly distributed travel buyers and suppliers on a large scale.

In this interview, we asked Mustafa about how the industry has changed and the key challenges for the season. He also explains how TravelgateX helps his business.

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Interview: Adriana Varella, Director of Sales Rakuten TraveXchange

8/22/22 11:06 AM

In this interview, we will meet Adriana Varella, Director of Sales at Rakuten TravelXchange, a company connected as a TravelgateX Partner for both buying and selling. Adriana explains the main challenges of her company for the coming months.

While concerns about the war in Ukraine, the economic crisis, uncertainty, is something that worries companies in the sector, and also Rakuten, on this occasion Adriana believes that the priority is the consolidation in the market, customer growth, inventory distribution in Japan and the expansion of direct contracts worldwide. On how our company helps her business, Adriana tells us that "TravelgateX gives us the opportunity to expand our business, distributing our products to clients worldwide, connecting us to more players".

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Michele Rombaldoni CEO Datagest
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Interview: Michele Rombaldoni, CEO of Datagest

8/22/22 11:06 AM

Michele Rombaldoni is co-founder of Datagest Srl, a software company that has been working for 34 years in Italy with tour operators and travel agencies. He is now in charge of 1way2italy, XML platform, used by tour operators to connect with national and international customers, as well as TravelgateX Partners.

Michele surprises us with good ideas about the challenges in the travel industry, the advantages of online connections and some inspirational tips for young professionals in the industry.

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Webinar TOP 5 FREE APPs to grow your travel business

8/17/22 9:34 AM

In September, TGX webinars are back! Learn about the TOP 5 free APPs to help your business grow.

The travel industry is highly competitive, and many companies have to negotiate their terms with contracted hotels for the upcoming season. Others need to know industry data in advance to be able to plan, while there are many that need tools to help them optimize, be faster and more competitive. In this webinar, we want to explain how to make the most of our marketplace with our Top 5 advanced and free applications. 

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