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Interview CON-X 2022 | Carlos del Estal, CEO NXOdirect

Carlos del Estal, CEO

NXOdirect is a company born from the need to bring order and light to B2B hotel distribution. It is a technology company that provides connectivity services, supply and consolidation of hotel product, to a large number of actors in the distribution. It puts in the hands of independent hotels, hotel chains and companies with their own contracting, a platform through which they can establish commercial relationships with one of the largest networks of clients worldwide.

Carlos, tell us a little about yourself, what you do and your company. What elements do you consider to be key success factors in your business model?
I am a person who is motivated by challenges. I like to question established ideas and concepts, identify new needs in the sector. Always from a problem-solving point of view, launching new innovative solutions to the market. I like to surround myself with exceptional people. For me, the team is one of the key points to be able to achieve success, since one person alone does nothing no matter how good he/she is.
I believe that an individual is good according to the capacity he has as a person to have intelligent people at his side who provide him with drive and knowledge. I firmly believe that in any area of life, common sense prevails over everything else. In my company, I do what I have done for most of my professional career, I carry out projects and develop businesses from scratch; usually with not too many resources, fortunately or unfortunately. But today I am proud that they are successful and consolidated businesses. Until now, I have always done it for others, and now I have allowed myself the opportunity to start my own, together with my partners and fellow travelers.
We are here to bring value to companies in the travel industry, so we are focused on providing, product, distribution, technology, marketing, improving profitability and competitiveness in everything related to hotel bookings.

What are some of the biggest challenges in your industry right now?
To put hotel distribution in order. To do this, without excluding any company, it is necessary to detect the value that each of them brings and to transform the way they communicate and work with each other. Another major challenge is to improve the profitability of companies. To this end, the digitization of companies is essential, as is the outsourcing of non-core services or services not linked to their own core business.

conx_nxo_silver_sponsor (1)Why sponsor CON-X 2022?
For us, it is our letter of introduction and opening to the world of travel.

Why would you recommend this event to key influencers in the travel industry?
I think it is a good opportunity to get out of our offices, reconnect with them and exchange impressions, something very necessary after 2 years of inactivity in this field.
I believe that the world of tourism is still and will continue to be a world of social relations. Therefore, I have no doubt that it will not be like today and I believe that we must continue to exploit it.

What do you think are the biggest opportunities for the travel industry in 2022-2023?
Every day in the world, new consumers are joining the world of travel exponentially. We could say that it is a business that grows by itself. I believe that each company has to know how to find its niche and, on the other hand, these crises have taught us to optimize our resources in a better way. Let's take advantage and make the most of what has happened to face the future in a more efficient way.

Looking ahead to next year, what are your top two or three priorities for ADAPT. PIVOT.GROW?
For us, this year is being a start-up and start-up year. The year 2023 will be the year of not only launching, but also positioning. We believe we bring solutions to a real need that exists in the market, NXO comes to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers of the product. Join NXO to bring order to hotel distribution together.