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Meet TeamX: Miguel Ángel Martín

Miki, IT Programmer

Miguel Ángel Martín (Miki) is an IT engineer and has been working at TravelgateX since he finished his undergraduate studies in Computer Science. His beginnings were in 2015 as an intern, but with time and learning he managed to become part of the Hotel-X team. In this interview, Miki explains to us how his beginnings were and how is his personal experience working in the company. 

Miki, tell us about your beginnings and why you ended up working in this sector.

I decided to study a degree in Computer Engineering because I have been passionate about computers since I was very young. I started working for TravelgateX as an intern in October 2015. Furthermore, I spent several months working as an intern, and then I became part of the full-time staff in the flight integrations team. There I had the opportunity to coincide with great people who taught me a lot, like Pipe and Jaume. Later, I saw that I needed new challenges and I joined the Hotel-X team (at that time Hub-Aggregator) and so on until today.

Do you remember what your first feelings were when you started working at TravelgateX?

Well, I remember that I was very surprised that a large part of the staff had studied with me, or at least I had seen them at the University. Another thing that surprised me was the youth of the people who worked there, and above all the great team. From the first moment I noticed a great work environment, involvement and desire to learn from everyone. Also, the professionalism, effort and dedication.

What is your current position, and what are you most passionate about what you do?

I am currently a Backend Engineer in Team-1, which encompasses the Hotel-X, Content and Hub projects, that is, we are in charge of the connectivity of the Buyers' side. We can also be seen as a link between the Buyers and the integrations, which connect with the Sellers. With our work, we enable customers to apply business rules to their transactions (markups, commissions, blacklist, etc).

What aspect of the job do you think is the most difficult for a developer?

The most difficult thing for a developer is, without a doubt, to take the problem that is presented to you and see if it can fit into the whole ecosystem that you already have in production and the consequences that adding that development can have.

What programming languages do you master, which ones are your favorites, which ones would you like to learn?

I have worked 3 years programming in .net and 4 years in Go. And although with Go, I consider that my knowledge has expanded much more, I can not decide for any of the two, as they offer different things.

Have you ever wondered if you would have liked to do something else?

Many times. For me, that's a feeling that everyone should have. It's a good idea to think about the future doing other things.