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TeamX: Meet Diego Blasco

Diego Blasco

Diego Blasco started at TravelgateX in December 2016 and is currently part of the DevOps team. Diego is a friendly and quiet team player who works hard for his team. 

Diego, tell us more about how you came to be at Travelgate and what 


 company means to you.
I started here as an intern. I was surprised when I met at TravelgateX many of the colleagues with whom I had shared my years at university and with whom I would share my first professional years.

If you had the opportunity to invite a friend to come and work at Travelgate, what would you say?
I would say that TravelgateX is a great place to grow professionally and personally.

Tell us about your Covid confinement experience.
At first, things were a bit chaotic, uncertainty was the new norm. News about the health and economic situations did not paint an optimistic picture. These things eventually take a toll on you personally, and you end up developing new hobbies and activities to cope. I started really enjoying cooking, preparing dishes I had never tried before, practicing different techniques. I also read a lot, I've always really enjoyed reading. But the hobby I enjoyed the most has been game design, at an amateur level - I really learnt lots.

- What lessons did you learn from the pandemic?
I think this quote from Seneca says it all "We are wrong in holding that death follows after, when in fact it precedes as well as succeeds. Death is all that was before us. "

- How do you see the future of the travel industry?
The pandemic has undoubtedly been a huge blow for the industry. But recovery is certain with the massive vaccination effort, safety restrictions and the rekindling of tourism to countries with good epidemiological situation.

Image from iOS (2)- What do you do at TGX and what do you love most about your job?
I'm currently part of the DevOps team. Without a doubt, what I love the most is learning new things and being able to do my bit for the company.

-What advice do you have for new additions to your department?

I would say enjoy and take advantage of working side by side with great people.

- What do you do with your time when you're not working?
I like to spend my time with the hobbies I described earlier, as well as spending time with family and friends and playing video games.

-Let's talk tech. What's your favorite App?
Spotify for sure. I use it daily to listen to music while I work and to listen to podcasts when I cook, catch the train or go for a walk. 

What is your favorite playlist?
It depends on the mood I'm in. Generally, they are playlists I create with my favorite music genres. My favorite Spanish singers, power metal, electroswing, jazz, country...

- Tell us a fun fact about one of your holidays or where you plan to head to next.
If I was going to try and tell you fun stuff about my holidays I would need at least two pages for this interview, so I'll go with the second choice! I would love to go to some parts of Spain I haven't been able to visit yet - places I know I would enjoy discovering the culture, gastronomy and sights - places like Málaga, Cádiz, Vizcaya, Toledo, Cuenca o Salamanca, amongst others.