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Documenting our APIs: a 2-day TravelgateX Intense Sprint

Our team with Mark Boyd.

A mix of our Business, Marketing and Technical teams got together over the last 2 days to improve the TravelgateX API documentation. Following the launch of our GraphQL based API TravelgateX, we are committed to providing simple and clear documentation that clients and developers alike find intuitive, easy to work with and bursting with information.

Teams worked on big improvements as well as on suggestions from clients received via our public Slack channel. Thank you guys for your very helpful contributions, collaborating on the documentation is a great way to learn more about the platform. On every page of our documentation, we include an opportunity to edit the page, so you can join the conversation and let us know what you need from our doc pages..

GitHub has a great code viewer through the browser, and the documentation can be consulted at any time, with the syntax corresponding to the language in which it is written.

The Sprint was supported by Mark Boyd, a leading expert in best practices for API adoption, who organised a workshop format to identify, assign and track documentation tasks. Our heartfelt thanks to Mark for his mentoring and to our team for the time spent working on all the contents of interest to the community.

“I am excited by what TravelgateX offers,” said Mark. “TravelgateX API products will allow TravelgateX to become the key travel integration platform for all of the sector. They understand that the way to achieve that is to focus on the developer experience and to make sure that anyone can use the documentation to build the travel apps and services you want.”

“This 2-day documentation sprint will be the start of regular documentation reviews,” said Oscar Pérez, CTO TravelgateX. “We will announce every few weeks on our Slack Channel when we are running a new sprint. Now we have a good base for our documentation, but we want to keep building out new resources to help developers create new travel experiences for their customers.”

Anyone interested can have access to TravelgateX documentation through https://docs.travelgatex.com and we invite you to contribute and help us make the best documentation possible via our sitewide issues tracker (where you can register your requests for documentation changes or additions), or by issuing a pull request on any page of our documentation by pressing the Edit Page button at the top of each page.

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