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No API? No problem! Our new solution DMC-X can help

DMC Product


There are so many destination specialists (DMCs) out there in this world with the most amazing, direct product but who find it difficult to expand their client range as they don’t have their own API. For the Buyers, the only way to access this specialized product is for the DMC to manually load & update their product on the Buyer’s system. But of course, to the DMC, this means countless hours loading and updating multiple systems for their various clients.

In an ideal world, a DMC would only have to upload their hotels and rates just once to a single universal database that all their buyers are connected to.  TravelgateX has recently launched DMC-X, a solution aimed at those destination specialists (DMC) wanting to take the leap from offline to online distribution. This tool enables DMCs to join the largest tourism marketplace in the world, and sell their specialized, direct contracts to over 300 buyers from all over the world, including players like Webbeds, Agoda, British Airways Holidays, Love Holidays, On the Beach and many, many more.

“The reason why we created DMC-X was that our Buyers are really thirsty for specialized product in key destinations, products that only a DMC has access to. We can offer a complete solution to unify the loading of hotels and rates to a single database through our extranet Inventory-X. Once safely loaded in our database, the DMC can apply business rules using our Distribute-X business rules interface”, explains Camila Pérez, product manager at TravelgateX.

How does it work? 

Ms Pérez explains this simple equation: Inventory-X + Distribution-X = DMC-X

The extranet Inventory-X is where the various hotels with their respective rooms, rates, prices, cancellation policies and offers are loaded. Then using user-friendly interface Distribution-X, the DMC can apply different markups, filters and blacklist/whitelist to every single Buyer they have a contract with. Once the product has been uploaded into the system, it will be stored in a database that can be accessed by all clients who connect to the TravelgateX platform. All the DMC needs is a contract with the Buyer!

A more inclusive online Distribution model

DMC-X has generated a lot of interest not just from Buyers who are recommending the solution to partners they couldn’t otherwise connect to, but also from the DMCs themselves, who understand the potential of joining Travelgate-X’s Network. After all, DMCs can now focus their valuable time and resources in expanding their product range and client portfolio, all without the need to have their own API.

How can I start working with TGX?