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Darina Holidays: “I would recommend TravelgateX because they achieve their goals with passion”

Darina Holidays L.L.C is a professionally managed and officially licensed full destination management company operating all over the UAE. Darina Holidays has recently joined the Premium Partners Program of TravelgateX.

P. Why did you decide to use TravelgateX?

R. Because the company and the people are reliable. They deliver a very good and timely service. They also have a complete response to the commercial commitment, as well as their professional and efficient work.

P. What aspects of TravelgateX do you find most valuable?

R. They are humble people, professional, committed to delivering the work in time.

P. What could we do better?

R You are the best!.

P. How has Darina benefited from a closer partnership with TravelgateX?

R. It was one of our most successful partnership.

P. Would you recommend working with TravelgateX and why?

R. 100% Yes, because they work to achieve and they work with passion.


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