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New tools for positioning tourist destinations

Positioning of tourist destinations is one of the pending subjects for local, regional and national institutions and administrations all around the world. Knowing how to create an image for a destination in the minds of all potential visitors is a goal not everyone will be able to reach. In fact, many get lost running around in circles, getting nowhere.
What is the problem? Not having enough information to be able to address the challenge with success. Finding out about travel trends before everyone else, being able to count on a comprehensive price and investment variation analysis, and analysing how users view the destination are, among other things, fundamental issues that must be taken into account in order to position a tourist destination the way it deserves.

Insights-X for Destinations

To make this task easier, TravelgateX and Top Tourism Marketing have joined forces to produce the first tool specifically designed to help when positioning tourist destinations.
The name of the tool is Insights-X for Destinations, and its great differential advantage is the ability to extract privileged information that serves to make strategic decisions when promoting a tourist destination.

Insights-X for destinations

A real-time data tool

Merging technology in the travel sector with data analytics and tourism promotion strategies, Insights-X for Destinations allows tourist destinations to grow by controlling and managing their positioning with respect to their direct and indirect competition. 
Unlike others, this tool is specifically designed for private and public institutions, foundations, board members, councils… and it uses data from that particular perspective, customising the information for each destination.
If we were to highlight one factor that makes it really unique and competitive in the travel sector, it is that the tool extracts behavioural data from tourism markets around the world in real time. In the process it uses more than 2 terabytes of data that TravelgateX manages daily, more than 3,000 million daily searches and more than 20,000 bookings.

Trends and decisions

Having the right tools is what makes the difference these days. Because a destination needs constant evolution, change and renewal. A destination has to be aware of what is happening, how potential visitors experience this context and how they are affected by it, how to reach visitors in the most direct, least intrusive way possible.
Decision-making in a reality that changes as much as ours, where consumption patterns change from one year to the next, cannot be based on intuition. Decisions must be backed by data and that data must have a context, a comparison and a projection that lets us constantly anticipate the needs of the future.
Insights-X for Destinations intends to fill the current void and become the indispensable companion of any tourist destination that wishes to grow, solidly and steadily.