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Insights-X: How was my performance yesterday?

Are you buying or selling through TravelgateX and want to improve your connectivity performance? Whether you are a OTA, hotel, wholesaler or bedbank, Insights-X reportings will provide useful information to increase your ratios and optimize your connections.

Performance Overview

This page shows how your global performance was yesterday. You will see the volume of searches, quotes and bookings requests from yesterday and you will be able to compare all volumes to the previous day.

Request Ok and Resp. Time (ms)

Metric “% Requests OK” shows you how successful were your searches, quotes or bookings requests and guides you to identify possible issues with buyers or sellers connections.

“Resp. Time (ms)” indicates the total response time (in milliseconds) for all searches, quotes or bookings requests.

Below those indicators, we show you a list with your TOP 5 clients / providers: you will see the percentage of searches over total that each one represents and the volume of searches, quotes or bookings requests compared to the previous day.

To see the detail for each buyer / seller, apply the filter “Buyer” or “Seller” on the top right of the page. Remember this filter will apply to all report when selected.

Weekly and monthly aggregation is also available through our Performance Datasets.

Go to our website for more information about Insights-X and our datasets and have a look to our demo-report to know more about our data.

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