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Keys to take advantage of this edition of Fitur 2020

Fitur turns 40 and this is not to be missed. But we all know (from previous experience) that you have to do your homework before going to Fitur and that you need to memorise a route map to avoid ending up aimlessly ambling from one pavilion to the next. 

Keys to Fitur 2020 Photo credit: FITUR/Ifema

To help with this arduous task (the most international tourism fair in our country will break a record again this year with the amount of exhibitors participating, expanding the offer to ten pavilions) we have prepared a list with the basic keys to enjoying this edition of Fitur 2020 to the fullest.

1.- Plan your visit

Before setting off on an tour of the pavilions with no specific goal in sight, take a look at what companies participate in this year’s edition and make an agenda/route to visit them all and, at the same time, perhaps arrange to have a coffee with their representatives, talk business and exchange opinions.

2.- The first day

Whether you need to buy a ticket or collect your accreditation badge, get there early the first day (equipped with patience) to avoid the collapse that usually occurs at peak times. Remember that you can buy tickets directly from the FITUR 2020 website and save yourself queuing up at the ticket counters. Have a look around before you get in line, because there are always entry points that are less busy than others. 

3.- News and changes

To commemorate its 40th anniversary, FITUR continues to grow and expand. Make sure you opt for a comfortable outfit and shoes, because you are going to have to walk – a lot. FITUR 2020 will add pavilion 1 to the usual space, and that pavilion will feature the entire range of African tourism. 

4.- Create your own route

To move with ease through FITUR without missing anything, memorise the number and location of the pavilions with the content you are most interested in. Due to the expansion, some will change this year: pavilion 1 is Africa; pavilion 6 will be used exclusively for Asia-Pacific; 2 will hold the Middle East; 3 is for America; 4 is for Europe; 8 will be dedicated to Business, Technology and Global Enterprise; 10 holds Businesses and Associations; and 5, 7 and 9 will be used for Official Spanish Entities and Organisations.

5.- Special sections

Tourist business niches are born, grow and multiply from one edition to the next, so FITUR 2020 will feature a good offer of special sections. These special sections might well become essential visits for you during the event. Choose between FITUR Cine, FITUR Festivals, FITUR LGBT, FITUR Health, FITUR Tech, FITUR Know How and, new this year: FITUR Talent, dedicated to people and professional development.

6.- Make contacts

This year the motto and main objective of FITUR is to promote and extend the agenda of B2B meetings. Take note, because it will do so in two specialised sections: FITUR Match (January 23 and 24) where you can meet more than 140 directors from travel agencies and tour operator from all over the world; and FITUR MICE (22 and 23), facilitating meetings between more than 200 professionals.

7. FITUR Techy

At TravelgateX we see things clearly. If you want to find us, look for us in the FITUR TECHY area, which will be full of interesting conferences this year with topics providing food for thought and discussions: future, business, destination and sustainability. The main actors in national and international tourism, mayors of Spain’s most touristy cities and those responsible for the World Tourism Organisation will participate, as well as the general directors of Google Spain and Facebook Spain.

8.- Share it on your networks

Videos, stories, photos, blogs… Make sure your mobile is fully charged and collect material showing what you found most interesting, then share it on your social networks. FITUR is a good opportunity to establish face-to-face contacts, but also to gain visibility and contacts in your digital world. 

9.- Beware of merchandising

Because you are the one who has to carry it. Yes, it happens every year and you know it: you always come back from FITUR with a suitcase full of catalogues, pens, magnets and little bags you will never use. Choose well and measure your strength. Only take what you can carry in your bag or pocket for 7 hours, to avoid breaking your back.

10.- FITUR Party

There is always a good excuse to leave IFEMA but continue with FITUR. Parties organised around the fair are a good place to establish new contacts and, if you are lucky, even close business deals that were outlined during the day. They are usually invitation only and there are “better ones” and “worse ones”. Find out more before you accept them all.

Ah! Not to be forgotten: if you want to spend some time with the TravelgateX team, ask us for an appointment on info@xmltravelgate.com 🙂 We will be at the fair from the 22nd to the 24th!