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David Littlefair, President & Co-founder of G2 TL
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Interview: David Littlefair, President & Co-founder of G2 TL

10/20/21 12:44 PM

G2 is a business-to-business global accommodation wholesaler.  Bringing Cutting-edge technology along with a carefully selected portfolio of directly contracted hotels and industry leading customer care to the online distribution sector.  This time, we interviewed David Littlefair, President & Co-founder of the company, who explains how his company uses TravelgateX connectivity and network.

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Recommended connections to increase your business

9/14/21 3:26 PM

Millions of tourism companies of all sizes, from startups to the largest, are looking to increase their business. In the market, there are many tools that make this possible, such as analytics and data, which have become one of the greatest assets. 

It is known that in the future there will be no business activity that does not gain a competitive advantage from data analysis, but currently few companies are prepared to advance their business analytics initiatives and obtain maximum business value. Now is the time to invest in technology and advanced analytics to gain a better understanding of the tourism markets with the most potential, as well as the most appropriate partners for a realistic growth plan.

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September 13th: Programmer's Day

9/13/21 11:21 AM

Some people may find it strange that some years Programmer's Day is celebrated on September 13 and in leap years it falls a day earlier. Why does this international day change its date?

The answer can be found in the particular proposal of Valentin Balt, who at the beginning of the millennium asked the Russian president to establish a date to commemorate the work of all professionals. But it was not until 2009 when the President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, designated the date as official.

The number 256 (28) was chosen because it is the number of numbers that can be represented by 8 bits (or 1 byte). On the other hand, the number 256 is the greatest power of 2 less than 365 (number of days in a year).

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Miki, IT Programmer
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Meet TeamX: Miguel Ángel Martín

9/1/21 3:13 PM

Miguel Ángel Martín (Miki) is an IT engineer and has been working at TravelgateX since he finished his undergraduate studies in Computer Science. His beginnings were in 2015 as an intern, but with time and learning he managed to become part of the Hotel-X team. In this interview, Miki explains to us how his beginnings were and how is his personal experience working in the company. 

Miki, tell us about your beginnings and why you ended up working in this sector.

I decided to study a degree in Computer Engineering because I have been passionate about computers since I was very young. I started working for TravelgateX as an intern in October 2015. Furthermore, I spent several months working as an intern, and then I became part of the full-time staff in the flight integrations team. There I had the opportunity to coincide with great people who taught me a lot, like Pipe and Jaume. Later, I saw that I needed new challenges and I joined the Hotel-X team (at that time Hub-Aggregator) and so on until today.

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Giorgio Ghezzi
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Interview: Giorgio Ghezzi, Business Development Manager at ATP

7/29/21 9:59 AM

Giorgio Ghezzi is Business Development Manager at ATP, a dynamic and Innovative company arranging and operating land-based services in the U.S.A. In this interview, Giorgio talks about the company's progress after the Covid-19 pandemic, what the next challenges are as a company and innovation in the travel industry. 

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