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Interview CON-X 2022 | Aykut Küçük Contract Manager, Prime Travel

5/10/22 2:57 PM

Why be a Sponsor of CON-X 2022?

TravelgateX is one of the world's largest hubs for connections in the tourism industry. Actually, the word PIVOT keeps in touch with Con-X at this point. We are proud to be at the forefront of the industry and make new connections to keep our business growth. That's why, it is very important to sponsor Con-X event, which brings the world's largest travel companies together continuously. We are here to develop new business strategies, new partnerships and contribute to the growth of the sector. We thank Con-X event for bringing us together.

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Interview CON-X 2022 | BILL O’CONNOR, CEO Agents of Innovation

4/27/22 5:24 PM

Bill is a Founding Partner of AOi (Agents of Innovation), an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco/Silicon Valley; he is also a faculty member at Singularity University, and an Advisor to the leading AI/Digital People company Soul Machines. The organizers of CON-X 2022 have chosen him to keynote the conference on May 31 in front of 250 of the world's top travel leaders. In this interview, Bill gives us some insights into his experience regarding the impact of innovation, expectations for CON-X attendees, and some interesting predictions for the world of travel.

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CON-X 2022 The Travel Industry Comes Together

4/27/22 5:23 PM

Technology is enhancing the value of tourism businesses in a disruptive way. It is enabling small businesses to scale and compete like never before, and even presenting alternatives for tourism providers to take control of their distribution networks.

In the last two years a lot has changed in the travel industry, and to find out where the industry is heading, TravelgateX is organizing CON-X 2022 for the second time to coincide with its tenth anniversary year. It will be a global B2B conference with more than 156 travel companies coming from 45 countries.

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Full Solution, the solution for static and dynamic rates

3/22/22 12:07 PM

TravelgateX launches its " Full Solution" to optimize sales of hotel bookings with static and dynamic rates. This solution is ready for those travel companies that want to maximize their profits. Thus, they will be able to save time by focusing the sale of their product without the need to have their own API, reaching more than 600 buyers in the travel market who are looking for this type of specialized products.

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