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Interview: Mohammed Madfa, CEO Maikros

7/14/21 10:36 AM is an international online reservation system for making hotel reservations, travel tickets and accommodation and holiday services owned by Signmanage. In this interview, CEO Mohammed Madfa tells the #network about the launch of and his partnership with TravelgateX's.

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Interview: Sinan Aydin, Managing Director of Right Holidays
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Interview: Sinan Aydin, Managing Director of Right Holidays

7/2/21 9:24 AM

Right Holidays Ltd. is a trusted travel agency established in 2005 in London. We have offices in Green Lanes and Stoke Newington. We specialise in tailor-made holidays, escorted tours, family holidays, and honeymoon holidays. We are authorised sales agents for numerous airlines including; Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, and British Airways. "Our priority is always what our customers want to get from their holidays so as Right Holidays, we provide the holiday our customer wants, not the one we want to sell them", says Sinan Aydin, Managing Director. 

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Billing TravelgateX
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Billing and the ongoing credit crisis in travel mid and post Covid-19

7/1/21 7:37 AM

You’ve heard the answer to the following question countless times, likely more than your fair share at that: “Where were you when the Government declared a state of alarm and enforced the first national lockdown?” Much like our names, job titles and compelling 30 second cocktail-party propositions, many of us - through sheer necessity at times - have scripted those very uncertain days of our lives into the all too classic “elevator pitch”.

With particular respect to the travel industry, and second to the above question, you’re probably still getting the “How has it been for you guys, that side?” question. The business equivalent of “what’s your star sign?” - the answer to this question could bear significance (“are these guys about to sink?”) Or could mean absolutely nothing - if the answer is we are growing and doing well.

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Interview: Carmen Dils, CSOP Euram

6/30/21 1:29 PM

EURAM Creative Packaging is a unique, free and 'web-based' solution for tailor-made travel. It enables the creation of an itinerary in which all data on cities, accommodations, driving distances and times can be accessed on one screen, including clear maps, own routes and sample itineraries. EURAM Creative Packaging runs on the Planisto Travel Platform and thus uses Hybrid Pricing that intelligently analyzes availability and prices of all providers and shows the best option for your customer.

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CEO Famliday
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Interview: Javier Salvador, CEO Famliday

6/30/21 1:16 PM

Famliday is a Spanish startup with a digital booking platform which responds to the need and priorities of the families with children when seeking family-oriented accommodations, leisure establishments and restaurants, including 100% family friendly own search filters and an accurate selection of choices.

The official launch date for the project is July 2021 and It will be initially focused on the Spanish market, developing an international expansion plan aimed at new markets in the next year.

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Pedro Camara, CEO TravelgateX
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A note from our CEO

6/30/21 12:16 PM

Travelgate is acutely aware of the pressure that the last year has put on all of us. The global unrest caused by the pandemic has had an impact on all of us - personally and professionally. 

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