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Shiji Group and TravelgateX launch new partnership

2/23/21 11:52 AM

PRESS RELEASE.- Shiji Group has announced a new partnership between leading global hospitality distribution provider Shiji Distribution Solutions and TravelgateX, global marketplace for the travel trade, to increase access to both supply network and demand channels.  The mutually beneficial partnership allows TravelgateX’s demand network to access Shiji Distribution Solutions' extensive supply network of hotels. Shiji Distribution Solutions users will be provided with an even greater reach with easy and overnight access to hundreds of demand channels.

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Greg Berman, COO Shiji Distribution Solutions
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INTERVIEW: Greg Berman, COO Shiji Distribution Solutions

2/9/21 10:53 AM

Below he tells the TravelgateX Network all about how he got to where he is, his view on hotel distribution and his advice for people starting out in travel tech.

According to Berman, China's domestic market, including business and leisure travel, has been growing since July last year with levels higher than 2019. His forecast for the rest of the world is that the last 6 months of 2021 will be completely opposite to the first 6 months of the year, as regions and countries will begin to reopen: domestic travel first, followed by the opening of international corridors.

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Nezasa y TGx
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Press Release: TravelgateX and Nezasa strengthen their partnership

2/4/21 10:33 AM

The companies specialized in tourism technology are joining forces in a global agreement that will result in the expansion of travel business across Latin America, Europe and the United States.

TravelgateX and Nezasa signed a historic agreement in order to expand their client and supplier business and to make them more competitive in the B2B travel sector. Since then, the two global technology companies are collaborating closely in order to propel the travel industry forward together.

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Interview Sanjoy Bhattacharya, CEO Sriggle

2/3/21 8:38 AM

Signature is a robust end-to-end platform for Travel &Tourism world developed by industry experts. Backed by state-of-the-art technology with artificial intelligence which reduces turnaround time and enhances business efficiency. It has been carefully crafted to cater to diversified business needs.

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TravelgateX Trends 2021

1/29/21 8:50 AM

We're happy to report a steady recovery in the industry - we're seeing some good movement for that winter sun destinations Dubai, Mexico and Florida. We have visualized the movements in the 5 booked destinations, which destinations have grown the most and which places travellers will visit next April.

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Tom Warsop Director, All Inclusive Holiday Company
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Interview: Tom Warsop, Director, All Inclusive Holiday Company

1/21/21 1:42 PM

"We are working with TravelgateX to develop a multi-vendor API to immediately compete with the range of hotels and prices offered by more established companies. Our platform has already been built to allow us to connect multiple APIs in a simple and fast process and now having the TravelgateX API makes it even easier to work with a wider variety of providers," Tom says.

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