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The Spanish spend an average of 400€ on accommodation

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December is the holiday month by excellence and the long weekend around Constitution Day is one of the Spaniards’ favourites for a getaway. It is the last chance to get away for a while before Christmas arrives with family dinners and New Year hangovers. 

According to data from Insights-X, the Business Intelligence tool for the tourism market from TravelgateX, this long weekend we will spend an average of 393.42 euros on travel. This sum refers to accommodation only, with an average price per room for these reservations around 112 euros.

Preferred destinations

During the Constitution Day weekend, the Spanish normally opt for trips within their own country, with Andalusia, Madrid and the Canary Islands as the preferred regions for a getaway. Those who decide to go further afield are also pretty clear on where they want to go: the UK and Italy are the two destinations most Spaniards will choose this time of year.
In the UK, the main areas the Spanish choose for the long weekend in December is – in this order – England, Scotland, and Wales. The Italian regions that get the most reservations are Lazio, Lombardy, and Venice.

With whom do we travel

There is a lot of family time to come during Christmas, and the data from the report made by Insights-X clearly show that during the long weekend in December the Spanish prefer to travel as a couple (51.4%) or with a group of friends (29.3%). 
The favorite destination for a couples’ getaway in Italy (68.3% of the Spanish reservations in this country are for 2 adults). It is followed by national destinations (45.3%) and, lastly, the UK (44%). When it comes to group travel, however, Spaniards prefer England, Wales or Scotland.

Booking in advance

Even if it might not seem like it, and we might not be known for it, we Spaniards do like to book our winter holidays in advance. In fact, 23% book their accommodation for these dates up to 3 months in advance, and another 23% books even longer in advance. Only 31% book 30 to 60 days in advance.

Where do we spend the most?

If we look at the average expenditure per country, offered by Insights-X, we can see that the destination where we spend the least on accommodation for the long weekend is Italy, with an average price per reservation of 273 euros. This is followed by destinations in Spain with an average price per reservation of 347.95 euros and then the UK, reaching an average per reservation of 519.94 euros.