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Which destination in Southeast Asia was most popular among travellers in 2019?

10/14/19 5:34 PM

ITB Asia 2019 is in the spotlight for many of the largest tourism industry actors, which is why this is the time to focus on Southeast Asia, a region that exhibits a vast travel industry that is as dynamic as it is expansive, attracting millions of visitors every year. So now that summer is over, we ask ourselves:  Which destination was most popular in 2019? What months did people travel? How long did they stay?

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August 2019 Report: Analyzing 513,022 reservations with TravelgateX

8/8/19 11:16 AM

TravelgateX, the B2B global tourism marketplace that manages more than 20K bookings daily and 2 billion hotel searches worldwide, has published a booking report based on 513,022 reservations made trough B2B platform in which, the top three countries are Spain in the first place with 27.04%; Italy (9.65%) and the United States (8.87%), followed by Portugal (6.29%), Greece (4.72%), France (4.14%), United Kingdom (3.13%), Thailand (2.9%), Turkey (2.77 %) and last but not least Germany with a (1.97%).

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InsightsX: Learn how to improve your performance across portfolios

8/7/19 6:08 PM

In today’s travel industry, having access to information on connectivity performance is becoming more and more important. Accurate data about integrations and distributions allows both clients and suppliers to monitor and optimize their performance in many different aspects: availability, connectivities, inventory, pricing, etc.

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