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High seasonality characterises the tourism market in the UK in 2019

11/4/19 8:49 AM

What is the most visited city in the UK? Which is the cheapest one? How do the British travel within their own country? The team from InsightsX, the Business Intelligence tool provided by TravelgateX for the tourism market, has taken a full x-ray of the travel sector in the UK on the occasion of the most anticipated event of the year: the World Travel Market (WTM) in London, which will last from today, November 4, until Wednesday the 6th.

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Which destination in Southeast Asia was most popular among travellers in 2019?

10/14/19 5:34 PM

ITB Asia 2019 is in the spotlight for many of the largest tourism industry actors, which is why this is the time to focus on Southeast Asia, a region that exhibits a vast travel industry that is as dynamic as it is expansive, attracting millions of visitors every year. So now that summer is over, we ask ourselves:  Which destination was most popular in 2019? What months did people travel? How long did they stay?

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Why are e-commerce frauds scarier than The Shining?

7/8/19 11:05 AM

If you take a look at your business’ e-commerce revenue reports, you might see positive results from your hard work, you might even see it constantly increasing day to day, and that’s great. What you may not have seen is that it also entails the increment of fraud cases and fraud in online transactions. And that my friend is a real problem. So let’s have a look at what types of fraud exist and how can you protect your business against them.

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