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The reseller, the king of travel connectivity

“We want everything, and we want it now” – this is the starting point when talking about the reseller role, the new king of travel connectivity and a new key concept that has come to TravelgateX to stay, grow and revolutionise the sector with a clear, certain motto that is: “why would I settle for one thing when I can have IT ALL.”

Far from being a mere talk or a complicated physics equation that leave you with nothing more than a headache and stress, the reseller is a reality where you can go from the equation “I need a product and I buy it” to “I need a product, I buy it to sell later through my platform at I price I will set myself that gives me higher profit”.

Know the present to succeed in the future

This new actor within the framework of travel connectivity was born through Hotel-X, one of TravelgateX’s most ambitious solutions and one of the products with the greatest growth projection of all those developed by our brand. This API – which was created in order to connect online to hotels as well as other businesses, no matter what type they are (2B, B2C, B2XML, etc.) – allows the customer to make specific requests about specific products based on filters that they choose (such as data by destination, type of hotel, availability). A beautiful love story between someone who needs something and someone who gives it to them. Yes, just these two actors: the one who buys and the one who sells. The advantage we offer through TravelgateX is that the seller can become the buyer, and vice versa. We call this figure the reseller, and it is nothing more than a customer who buys a
product (rooms, flights, complimentary offers) and then gives it a new sales price on the customer’s own platform to create (and this is the key) profit based on that new economic margin. During the process, the product can be sold as it is (in units or in groups) or value can be added if it is combined with related or complementary products. This is what the well-known
OTAs do: combine flights with hotels and transfers, and at the same time they might offer you tickets to a dance show or even a restaurant reservation.

The advantages of being a TravelgateX partner

Even if we group them as buyers and sellers, at TravelgateX we speak of partners because they (you) are the ones who give meaning to our business adventure. TravelgateX partners can simply buy or sell, or they can have it all as resellers. 

No matter which of these three options you choose, being a TravelgateX partner has advantages that might well be unique. Among all of them, we can highlight the following:

  • Savings and agility: adding a new customer is easy and very fast. The process is not very complicated for us. All this added to the fact that integrations are already in place in most cases, which means that we can offer you relevant savings and agility. It is like pressing a button (for us), that is how quick it would be to gain new clients. 

Once you are connected to TravelgateX, adding a supplier is as simple as saying GO! Thanks to our technology, it is no longer necessary to create a new integration“, says José Díaz, CCO of TravelgateX. 

  • Support: at TravelgateX we take care of everything because we understand that certain processes might look like scary, angry monsters to you. You can avoid them: we support you when you need us to, and we turn these processes into a bed of roses – that is our mission and our goal. 

In short: you would be working with a team that supports you in everything you need, and the agile processes translate into savings, as you only pay when you start selling.