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Interview: Theresa McLarney, VP of Business Development at Unsold.com

Teresa Unsold

“TravelgateX provided lots of resources and help available online as needed”. Theresa McLarney is the Vice President of Business Development at Unsold.com In this interview, we asked her how TravelgateX is helping them in their business.

“What first attracted us to TravelgateX was that they claimed we could be ‘up and running’ within 2-4 weeks while others, including direct integrations, we’re talking 6-8 weeks on average. Needless to say, ‘Speed to Market’ was high on our list of requirements so this was a huge plus in that column”, says Theresa. 

In addition to this, she explains: “Then, once we started working with them we immediately saw the value of their partnerships and model in regard to being able to incorporate multiple suppliers and catapult our business across the global marketplace. What we also admire is their ingenuity and responsiveness to the market with additions like Pruvo and PayParc”. 

How did the business start, and how has it evolved over the years? 

Unsold.com  Has offices in US, Asia, Europe Australia and is our newest company, and we believe it will be larger by far than all of our other companies combined.  We are using the same marketing technique that has made us the largest travel advertiser on Facebook, and with Unsold.com we are applying that to the worldwide retail travel industry, with plans to spend upwards of $100 Million promoting destination travel via flash sales.  Whereby, customers purchase a ‘deal’ and then have up to 12 months (24 months now due to Covid-19) to book their trip. Once the customer activates their deal through our password-protected portal, they are given the option to select from available dates based on the price and category of the deal they purchased or ‘upsell’ to a higher rated hotel category, preferred travel dates and so on.  It’s only after the book and pay for their holiday package that the actual hotel we’ve confirmed is revealed.

Can you describe the importance of two key factors to Unsold.com development, technology and customer service?

Technology is paramount to Unsold.com. In fact, it’s at the very core of our existence and is what has allowed us to create a unique niche offering in what is a very competitive space.  So, it goes without saying that we would align ourselves with companies, like TravelgateX, that share the same passion for technology and their business. The other key factor has been customer service and by that, I mean providing us with the resources, tools and accessibility to the team from the top down.  Supporting us through empowerment and engagement. 

In your personal point of view, what would you say has been the biggest lesson learned from this crisis? And in the travel industry? 

Personally, I’ve got a much greater appreciation for just how interconnected we really are and that we truly are “in this together”…so I’ve learned that empathy, compassion and being open to change are critical to survival.    As for the travel industry, I’d say that while the entire industry has found itself dealing with the ramifications of this pandemic, and leaders are faced with increasingly tougher decisions, I urge them to think beyond the short term. Customers, employees and partners will remember how they were treated during these difficult times.

How easy was it to integrate the TravelgateX API, and how long did it take?

It was fairly easy with no experience in Graphql prior to this. Lots of resources and help available online.  Our team completed development and the certification process in record time, 21 days!

What are the benefits of using the TravelgateX API?

Having used TravelgateX API now; we see that we’ll be able to rapidly add new suppliers with ease and speed of integration and certification.  

How does working with TravelgateX and using the API help you to achieve your business goals? 

It helps us to be able to add new suppliers and scale the business quickly.

You partner with many other tech companies, what makes TravelgateX different?

The resources available online and their technological advancements are the core areas where TravelgateX excels. 

 Lastly, how would you describe TravelgateX in three single words? 

Authentic, Nimble, Engaged.

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