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TravelgateX: Meet the people who make it possible

As summer draws to a close, things are heating up here at TravelgateX: we are excited to launch our first official corporate video featuring our values and the people who make it all possible.

TravelgateX is a B2B company located in ParcBIT in Palma de Mallorca formed by over 90 tech professionals. Get the inside scoop on how we work, our true values and the spirit with which we work every day in order to help our clients to multiply their business.

“In the end, what we do is adapt to the customer’s systems as well as the to the supplier’s, so that they all can multiply their business”, COO Abel Basalo explains in the video. Óscar Pérez, TravelgateX’s CTO, highlights that “we add the last technologies in order to offer our customers the highest performance and scalability”.

The video “ValuesX” will be available on YouTube’s TravelgateX corporate channel: step into our offices and find out how we spend our days here at TravelgateX!

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