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TravelgateX development team participates in the GraphQL Conference in Berlin

Pep, Oscar, Dani and Vicenç.

GraphQL Europe is a not-for-profit GraphQL conference in Europe with speakers from around the world.

The conference focused on best practices and was attended by industry experts and thriving GraphQL community. TravelgateX was represented by our CTO Oscar Pérez as well as Daniel Calle (Product Manager) and HotelX developers Pep Peralta and Vicenç Pizà.

Lee Byron (Facebook GraphQL co-creator) gave an inspiring welcome speech, and the TravelgateX team was lucky enough to meet him and share a few thoughts with the mastermind behind GraphQL.

Lee Byron with Xt-shirt and Oscar Pérez.

“The Revenge of the Monolith: The Past, Present, and Future of GraphQL-Native”, was the first talk by Nick Schrock. He argued that it is time to make more of our “GraphQL-Native” back-end systems and that this approach can reduce the architectural and conceptual costs of adopting a fine-grained microservice architecture.

After this talk, Shopify explained its case study with great samples and best practices implemented in E-Commerce. It was a very interesting discussion about practical GraphQL implementation.

The next talk was about “Breaking up the monolith” by Johannes Schickling, and it portrayed an entirely different view point about microservices architecture. Super interesting!

We also heard from real cases, tools, and the Apollo Server 2.0.0 RC announcement. Our thoughts on the conference are that we can see a clear cons consolidation of the GraphQL community, a common objective of improving non-JavaScript stack and a massive commitment to growth. We really enjoyed the proximity of the leaders of this community and the chance to approach them and tell them a bit more of what we are doing back in Palma de Mallorca.

It would be great to see in next year’s event a few more varied profiles such as DevOps and back end. We would also like to see a few more smaller talks/workshops which would allow for a closer interaction between conference attendees.

Johannes Schickling, CEO & Founder Prisma.

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