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A 2020 full of new goals for TravelgateX

After collecting the traditional New Year grapes and buying bags of favours for all the team members, TravelgateX activates the bye-bye-2019 mode, ready to release the 2020 agenda with more enthusiasm, desire and projects than ever. In what will be the “year of the golden rat” or “the year of great luck” according to the Chinese calendar, there will be lots of challenges, goals and events that will mark a before and after for our company.
Starting a new year means getting a move on, filling up on positive energy and growing. This is exactly what we will do during the coming twelve months: grow and expand. To do so, we will rely on our philosophy of always offering the best (as far as tourism connectivity is concerned) and the infallible equation of “buying improvement to sell better“. 

Data and connectivity, the first step
Data analysis is crucial to reach that first goal of optimising purchase to guarantee better sales. Our partners can give a good account of it. The fact is that offering what is actually needed guarantees a much higher conversion rate for our partners and – therefore – a clear increase in their turnover.  Our commitment for the New Year is the merger of TravelgateX’s two star products: the data tool Insighs-X and the functionality HotelDirect-X. Although they work wonders separately, both of them (together) can provide our customers with highly valuable information about the tourism market and about their real and potential customers. 
TravelgateX partners can access these two tools quickly, without IT-related complications and paying only when the sale is done. 

In 2020 TravelgateX comes to Seville
After several meetings, visits and set-ups, we can now announce some very big news for us as a company: TravelgateX is expanding, continues to grow and is now opening a new office in Seville. 
Seville is an international reference in tourism and a pioneering destination when it comes to connectivity. That is why we will have a new team of experts in connectivity and core that will provide everything and more from these new offices. 

A new edition of our Con-X event

The TravelgateX event of the year takes place in May, in the form of Con-X, a technological event organised by our brand that in 2019 featured the presence of more than 300 guests from 45 countries. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Expedia, Amadeus and Logitravel attended, among many others. 
In this second edition, Con-X will feature speakers and top-level guests who will open new debates about technology and the possibilities it offers the tourism sector to increase its efficiency and better connect with the customer. 

Renovated facilities

TravelgateX is well aware that renovated facilities increase happiness at work while promoting and enhancing inspiration and creativity. This is why we have started on an office decoration project that we hope to finish in 2020.  Thanks to the participation of our team members and the professionalism of those in charge of the renovation we can refer to our office as the ideal workplace. “We want our team to have a renovated workplace, in line with our philosophy of work and values”, the marketing team explains. 

A brand that accompanies you and helps you sell

Setting goals, growing, improving our facilities and carrying out large networking events – this would make no sense if we fail to support you and help you sell more and better. This is why the most important thing to us is having you as a partner, helping you grow and making your day-to-day work that much easier. To do so: 

  • We aim to give you solutions in record time and with all the support you need. 
  • We optimise connections with your partners in a real way thanks to our team of engineers. 
  • We offer you 5 different solutions that you can activate and deactivate according to your needs, and there is only a cost when you make a sale.
  • We put a team of experts at your disposal who will help you whenever you need it. 
Customer Care team.