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TravelgateX reaches fifty Premium Partners on its marketplace

TravelgateX has registered a new record number thanks to the fifty partners who have decided to join our Premium Partners program. Among these partners are several international brands such as Barceló Hotels, Guest Incoming, World Hotels Link Abbey Tours and YouTravel, among others.

This strategic initiative began to take shape in 2016 and offers tourist agencies a new way of doing business quickly and safely, increasing sales and business shares while reducing inconveniences and waiting times. In other words: more business, more security and fewer problems. 

A new safe and effective business path

In an industry full of actors, intermediaries, offers and processes, differentiating yourself from the competition through use of exclusive tools is the key. The evidence is the starting point: it does not always strictly adhere to security rules, not all APIs are configured based on your objectives and it is not an easy task finding a partner who offers exactly the services you are looking for. 
The TravelgateX Premium Partners program aims to put an end to this kind of uncertainties while giving its members that differential factor, connecting partners with the same profile, favouring business expansion and providing added value to the portfolio of tourist agents who have joined the initiative. How? By generating world-class APIs that through unique and simple integration unite buyers and sellers within the tourism industry on what is, by a long shot, the largest travel network on today’s market. 

What advantages will I get if I join the Premium program?
Do you find it impossible to establish partnerships with a company similar to yours? Are there no possible partners who offer the products you really need for your business? Do you have an API that is already integrated in our Hub? Would you like your business to grow in quality and quantity? If you have answered yes to these four questions, listen carefully and take note: you are a potential TravelgateX Premium Partner. 

With the motto you only pay if you get business the Premium partners in our program enjoy many other benefits. The most prominent are: 

  1. Unlimited access to a network in which more than six hundred tourist accommodation providers are present (see hotels and channel managers here). 
  2. Tailored business meetings with partners that have the same profile as your company. 
  3. Clarity in all process stages without ‘surprise’ commissions and/or hidden commissions. 
  4. Direct invitations without commissions that let your customers buy your product in a quick and easy manner, and most importantly: without computer language. 
  5. Optimisation of connections and much more optimised responses thanks to support and advice from an assigned Account Manager. 

Brands that have placed their trust in our Premium Partners program 
Getting ahead on the market, offering the latest and the best to customers who chose them and keep growing in a world where competition and massification try to gain ground – these are the goals of big brands that have decided to join Travelgate’s Premium Partners program. The following are just a few of them:

  • Barceló hotels: with more than 240 hotels in 22 countries, Barceló Hotels is – without doubt – one of the most famous TravelgateX partners. This hotel chain has managed to grow and reinvent itself by offering its customers a very high-quality product in recommended destinations at 2,000%.
  • Guest Incoming: halfway between a distribution platform and receptive agency, Guest Incoming has a portfolio of 70,000 hotels. The secret of their success? The balance between the purely traditional and the most advanced technology available. 
  • 3FullSteps: based in Greece, 3FullSteps is presented as an exclusive B2B for reservations with products found in the most prominent tourist destinations. 

Get to know the more than 50 Premium Partners we have connected through TravelgateX.