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What is the essential value of a technology company?

Always being close to your suppliers and customers. Working every day to create close relationships, based on transparency and trust, with the goal of growing side by side. Being responsible in all you do and enjoying every moment of it. Because the greatest satisfaction is to be able to be proud of what you do.
At TravelgateX we follow this philosophy closely, because we firmly believe that companies must be more committed than ever to our environment, to the society we live in, to the young, to the old, to the planet. This is exactly what our team culture is based on: a humility that lets us to see beyond our screens.

Squeezing as much value out of humility as possible creates the most fertile ground imaginable for professionals with a permanent curiosity, the perfect habitat for people who never get tired of learning, who are open to new experiences, who know how to listen and who are able to question their own opinion.
Today’s companies face constant challenges inside and outside their facilities. Work and family reconciliation, access to quality jobs for young talent in our country, personal growth of employees, economic challenges, changes in the sector… This is why it is essential to have a policy and solid values that allow us to adapt to each reality without losing track of what is really important.

Apart from humility, transparent work methodologies are a key factor when it comes to maintaining good relationships with clients, partners and suppliers. That all agents involved in the day-to-day processes speak the same language, that there is always someone on the other side who will listen and cooperate – this is a cornerstone in building good results.
Striving for excellence in customer service – through our technological solutions as well as daily communication and support – is a differential factor that our Customer Success area looks after in detail. 

It is difficult, but not impossible. That is why everyone at TravelgateX contributes their own vision of things and situations based on real data that we get from our Business Intelligence tool for tourism, Insights-X. Because intuition can help, but it should never be the basis of decision-making in a company.

Be curious
Keep that inner child alive. Working with curiosity, nonconformity, the constant search for new solutions that can help our customers and partners, this is all fundamental to TravelgateX. Without fear, facing challenges with creativity and enthusiasm, trying to learn every day and to always be better.

Having fun
Yes. Having fun at work. Creating a close and comfortable environment where ideas flow freely, where respect for our colleagues is an essential part of every working day, where there is no fear of making suggestions, no matter how crazy they might seem. Having a team where everyone enjoys their job is the best quality guarantee a company can offer.

Corporative values

Digital companies must remember the importance of promoting corporate values in the workplace. All the pillars that the company is based on must be visible. They do not only form a base for everyday work, but also for the relationships between those who make up the company: companionship, transparency, humility, innovation… TravelgateX wants to transmit this philosophy to all members of staff and, of course, to any potential applicants looking for a place where they can grow both personally and professionally.

TravelgateX team culture