The beginning of an unforgettable journey: the eve before CON-X 2019 at Zafiro Palace Palmanova

In the afternoon on May 6, the TravelgateX team met up at the Zafiro Palace Palmanova with many of the speakers and partners arriving to take part in the first CON-X 2019 conference. TravelgateX organised a meeting point at the hotel for the participants to meet up, exchange ideas and network. During the evening, Con-X …

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TravelgateX is bringing the global travel industry together at Con-X 2019 held in Mallorca

This pioneer B2B conference will be the first of its kind and leading travel companies from all over the world will come together to participate in an intense day of networking and innovation talks. Speakers CON-X 2019 TravelgateX has now been serving and connecting companies around the world for seven years. For 2019, the team decided …

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TravelgateX: Meet the people who make it possible

As summer draws to a close, things are heating up here at TravelgateX: we are excited to launch our first official corporate video featuring our values and the people who make it all possible.

TravelgateX is a B2B company located in ParcBIT in Palma de Mallorca formed by over 90 tech professionals. Get the inside scoop on how we work, our true values and the spirit with which we work every day in order to help our clients to multiply their business.

“In the end, what we do is adapt to the customer’s systems as well as the to the supplier’s, so that they all can multiply their business”, COO Abel Basalo explains in the video. Óscar Pérez, TravelgateX’s CTO, highlights that “we add the last technologies in order to offer our customers the highest performance and scalability”.

The video “ValuesX” will be available on YouTube’s TravelgateX corporate channel: step into our offices and find out how we spend our days here at TravelgateX!

Insights reports, the world data center for tourist connections by TravelgateX

TravelgateX’s Business Intelligence team launches Insights reports through Google Data Studio based on more than 1,500 million hotel searches within the marketplace. This data center can already be consulted publicly. The most “tourist-friendly” countries, the ones with the highest number of travelers, the countries with the most expensive reservations or those who spend more money …

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TravelgateX receives its IATA Certification and starts the development of its API FlightsX

The marketplace that connects the largest network of travel service suppliers in the world has received the certification by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as “NDC capable” (New Distribution Capability) Level 3 aggregator status which is already used by airlines such as Iberia or British Airways. After being granted this status by the IATA, …

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TravelgateX takes part in the Parc BIT event “Mallorca Tech Island”

It has been an honor for the TravelgateX team to participate in the ParcBit Get-Together with Travel Tech reference companies and welcome Thomas Cook Group Airline, which has shown their interest in the group of companies that contribute in the technology sector worldwide. The 30 members of the leisure airline have approached the technology park …

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