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TOP 5 Free TravelgateX Apps to accelerate your travel business

7/25/22 2:30 PM

The travel industry is highly competitive, and many companies have to negotiate their terms with contracted hotels for the upcoming season. Others need to know industry data in advance to be able to plan, while there are many that need tools to help them optimize, be faster and more competitive. In this post, we want to explain how to make the most of our marketplace with our Top 5 advanced and free applications. 

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PRESS RELEASE CON-X 2022 The future of travel moves towards maximum personalization

6/1/22 1:01 PM

The travel industry "as we knew it is dead" 

Palma de Mallorca, 01 June 2022.- Choosing what we want, how we want it, when and at what price. This equation, simple in concept but complex in materialization, was the pillar of Con-X 22, an international conference organized by TravelgateX that brought together in Mallorca -at the Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art- more than 300 CEOs from 45 countries and from the main companies in the global travel industry.

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Patricia Rosselló
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INTERVIEW Sponsor: Patricia Rosselló, CEO Roibos

5/26/22 4:58 PM

Roibos is the complete solution for B2B Hotel Distribution that allows Travel Operators and Hotels to contract directly without intermediaries at a click of a button. This disruptive start-up with huge growth potential allows Travel Operators to access the most competitive rates without relying on intermediaries facilitating pier-to-pier communication with Hotels.

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