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APIs in the tourism sector: what are they and how do they work?

Jan 10, 2020 10:16:39 AM

APIs in the tourism sector, or as they are commonly known: Travel APIs, have radically changed the way we understand the tourism industry today. No. We are not exaggerating. They are behind all the buying and selling processes in the sector, and the larger the tourism company, the more it depends on them to be able to continue increasing their level of purchase and/or sale of products.

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A 2020 full of new goals for TravelgateX

Dec 30, 2019 8:53:10 AM

After collecting the traditional New Year grapes and buying bags of favours for all the team members, TravelgateX activates the bye-bye-2019 mode, ready to release the 2020 agenda with more enthusiasm, desire and projects than ever. In what will be the “year of the golden rat” or “the year of great luck” according to the Chinese calendar, there will be lots of challenges, goals and events that will mark a before and after for our company.
Starting a new year means getting a move on, filling up on positive energy and growing. This is exactly what we will do during the coming twelve months: grow and expand. To do so, we will rely on our philosophy of always offering the best (as far as tourism connectivity is concerned) and the infallible equation of “buying improvement to sell better“. 

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How do digital connections work in the tourism industry?

Dec 23, 2019 10:47:52 AM

We all agree that without internet it would be impossible to imagine a tourism industry like the present one. With the emergence of the network of networks and new technologies, the work tourist agents do has been made so much simpler, but it has also been perfected, and business niches hitherto unthinkable have appeared.
But this ‘magic’ is not just due to the existence of the internet. There is a secret ingredient, and that ingredient is what really makes this new medium a pillar of the tourism industry. We are talking about digital connections (also known as integrations). They make all the information highways work perfectly, without sinkholes, without jams, without interruptions.

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Business Intelligence tools revolutionise tourism

Dec 12, 2019 8:33:37 AM

Being able to understand your clients perfectly means you can anticipate their needs and give them what they want most of all before anyone else does. This phrase perfectly sums up the current reality of the travel sector and its future challenges because – like it or not – if there is no data, there is no business in this era of information and communication.

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Is your company ready for a digital transformation?

Dec 5, 2019 11:23:46 AM

Smart Cities, Big Data, Apps, Nube, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, CRM’s, Connectivity… these are some of the concepts hiding behind so-called Digital Transformation. We see and hear about them every day, but in many Spanish companies they are hardly implemented. There are many who, despite all the signs, continue to believe that they can keep their businesses going turning their backs to the digital changes that are happening all around us, constantly.
According to data in the report “The challenge of the Digital Transformation of the economy, Spain 4.0” published by Siemens, the vast majority of the Spanish business network has access to the internet, and 75% have their own website. But they stop there. 
For example, only 20% of Spanish companies are present on social networks, only 16% sell online and less than 30% of the companies have a CRM to optimally manage their customer data. This is an era where data is the new gold!

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